About Northwest Boat Travel

Welcome. We appreciate your stopping by to find out more of what Northwest Boat Travel is all about. Since 1978, our goal has been to provide our readers with the most accurate, complete, up-to-date, and useful information available about the waterways of Washington, British Columbia and Southeast Alaska. 

In writing Northwest Boat Travel, we focus upon where to go, what to see and do, where to dine, where to walk or hike, where to shop, and how to get where you are going safely. Northwest Boat Travel is the ultimate guidebook for northwest boaters, describing more anchorages, moorages, facilities, and destinations than any other publication of its kind.

Northwest Boat Travel goes beyond the scope of other guidebooks, covering the waterways, islands, and mainland shores that comprise the fabled Inside Passage from Olympia, Washington all the way to Glacier Bay, Alaska. Within its 20 chapters you will find thousands of descriptions and details regarding ports-of-call, marinas, marine parks, navigating channels, entering bays, anchoring, exploring the shore, air and bus transportation, essential and emergency contacts, reference charts, walk-arounds, photographs, and Marina Harbor Charts. It's no wonder that "NBT" has gained the reputation as the quintessential cruising guide for the Inside Passage.

Here at Northwest Boat Travel we strive for accuracy. We know that conditions change rapidly--facilities burn down, some are rebuilt, remodeled or become Yacht Club Out-stations, while others change ownership and services. In recent years, fuel facilities alone have undergone significant change or have disappeared altogether. Business telephone numbers, websites, fax numbers, and email addresses change regularly. Every year we make thousands of changes to the annual Guide edition, updating and rewriting in an effort to provide readers with the most current information available. We are in contact with marinas, city halls, chambers of commerce, visitor information centers, state governments, U.S and Canadian Coast Guards, and yacht clubs in order to compile and provide readers with accurate information about the coast.

In addition to the thousands of boaters who rely on Northwest Boat Travel every year, those who travel by car, RV or trailer boat will also find a copy of Northwest Boat Travel useful and informative. At $23.95, Northwest Boat Travel provides quality, as well as value. It is available in bookstores, marine outlets, and directly from our office by clicking this link or calling (425) 488-3211.

Now in its 46th year, Northwest Boat Travel is a unique cruising guide containing twenty geographically arranged chapters presenting descriptions and useful information about the ports-of-call, anchorages, bays, inlets, waterways, marine parks, marina and resort facilities, fuel docks, services, and things to see and do along coasts and islands of Washington, British Columbia, and Southeast Alaska.